Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Fairy Garden....

My daughter Madi starting a Fairy Garden...

Here is the start to my fairy garden. I had this barrel type of planter that just had random weeds in it. I thought that this would be a good place to start a fairy garden.

Here is my daughter Madi, helping me.

Here is the fairy garden with some plants added. I picked up some roses, thyme, mint and rosemary, Ill add more later

Meet Boris
And Henry, I picked them up at Joanns
Im so excited to continue to find little treasures and trinkets to put in my Fairy Garden. Its like a treasure hunt every day!

Fairy Garden

Ok Ginger, Im stealing your idea. I cant belive that I never thought about this before actually!! I LOVE Fairies!! I did some research and my daughter and I are going to make a fairy garden! I have a cute little container that I had no idea what to do with, so im going to use that. The flowers I had in mind were:

Fairy Rose
Coral Bells

Ill also pick up some little rocks and moss. Ill also look for furniture too, dont want them not to feel at home!!

Ill post pics when I get it done. Its going to be nice today, but then the rest of the week its going to rain, so I might not start till this darn rain is over, but Ill still be planning it!!

New spring blog

This is my new Spring blog...I had made a Easter blog, but not too sure what to put there, so im going to do a Spring blog instead. It will have spring-y type things, including Easter. Come back and check out my blog around the beginning of the month. I will post what im going to do and what I did, around the first Sunday of the month (Hippity-Hoppity Day)